Daphne Odjig

Daphne Odjig “If my work as an artist has somehow helped to open doors between our people and the non-native community, then I am glad. I am even more deeply pleased if it has helped to encourage the young people that have followed our generation, to express their pride in our heritage more openly, more joyfully than I would have ever dared to think possible.” Odjig: the art of Daphne Odjig, p. 78 Internationally recognized and renowned artist Daphne Odjig was born September 11, 1919 and raised on the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve on Manitoulin Island (Lake Huron), Ontario Canada. Her father and her grandfather, Chief Jonas Odjig, were Potawatomi, descended from the great chief Black Partridge. The Odjig family was among the Potawatomi who migrated north and settled in Wikwemikong after the war of 1812. The Potawatomi (Keepers of the Fire) were members with the Ojibwa and Odawa, of the Three Fires Confederacy of the Great Lakes. Artistically talented from an early age, Daphne explored her Aboriginal heritage when she lived in Northern Manitoba in the 1960s—and did not look back as she expanded into legend interpretation and contemporary expressions of the inter-relationships between her roots and experiences and the realities and myths of life in Canada. For a more complete biography and a list of accomplishments, please visit www.odjig.com

Daphne Odjig “Untitled” #220

9 x 5.5 art card

Published as a tribute to Daphne Odjig, done in coloured pencil when she was 95.

Price: $4.00

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Daphne Odjig

Serigraph 1975

One of the five “Jerusalem” series. The others were:

Jaffa Gate, Western Wall, Spirit of Jerusalem. Faiths of Jerusalem

Image size: 24×20 approx, framed


Price: $1,250.00

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