Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson 1948-2010 “It is important we see the earth as a living entity, only then can we understand where we fit in.” Michael was born in Timmins, ON of Metis heritage, He attended Sheridan School of design as a glass major graduating in 1972. Until 1986 glassblowing was his medium of choice, when he then switched to printmaking in the etching medium and poetry. “My work represents man’s responsibility as an equal member and a steward to the medicine circle of life” The Wah-sa Gallery has some etchings completed by Michael in the years before his death, but much of our current supply has been the endeavour of his life-partner, Melanie, and is indicated by “estate-signed”.

Michael Robinson “The Wheel of Time…”

14 x 14 estate signed etching, 56/

Price: $350.00

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