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Alex Janvier Alex Janvier, along with Daphne Odjig and Jackson Beardy, was amongst the first Canadian Aboriginal contemporary artists to break the “ethnocicity” of art galleries when their “Treaty Numbers…” group exhibition was mounted at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in 1972. Until that time, Janvier and other Aboriginal artists were consigned to museums when their art was considered “ethnic” and not art per se. The following year, along with six others, Alex Janvier formed the Professional Native Artists (The Second Group of Seven) in an effort to broaden their appeal and support younger up and coming Aboriginal artists. Born in 1935 in Cold Lake, Alberta, Janvier took his formal art training in Calgary in the 1960s. Possibly his most renowned piece of art is “Morning Star”, the domed ceiling of the Canadian Museum in Ottawa. Unfortunately, while we have had a number of pieces of Janvier’s work consigned to the gallery, we do not feature his current works. May we suggest The Bearclaw Gallery in Edmonton, Canada House in Banff, and The Gevik Gallery in Toronto or visit the Janvier Gallery in Cold Lake. Each of these galleries has their own web sites. Alex Janvier’s photograph is taken from his official web site

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