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Joseph Sanchez Joseph Sanchez, of Spanish, German and Pueblo ancestry from the southwestern United States found himself in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the early 1970s and was drawn into the circle of friendship with Daphne Odjig and her husband, the last Chester Beavon. It was their creative artistic spirit which drew them together. Joseph Sanchez’s style of surrealism fit with the cubist style of Daphne Odjig. As a result of their friendship. Joseph was invited to become a charter member of the Professional Native Artists Inc. in 1972. He was the only American along with Canadian Aboriginal artists, Norval Morrisseau. Jackson Beardy, Carl Ray, Alex Janvier, Eddy Cobiness and Odjig. In the intervening years, Joseph Sanchez has continued to create his art and serve as curator in a number of organizations, most recently with Institute of American Indian Arts Museum in Sante Fe, New Mexico. I first met Joseph and his then wife Ann at their “humble abode” in Richer Mb buying a few of his originals at the time. Lost touch with him even after taking over Odjig’s gallery in Winnipeg until we reconnected during Spirits in the Sun, a festival of Canadian Aboriginal art held in Scottsdale Ariz. in 1998. Have seen him a number of times since then in Penticton while we were both co-incidentally visiting Daphne and at Daphne Odjig’s opening at the National Art Gallery in October, 2009-Gary Scherbain

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